Benefits of Going on a “Glamping” Trip with Your Family

If you have been trying to find one of the best family vacations in Orange County, then you should consider going glamping at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina in sunny Newport Beach, California. You will be able to escape the hassles of everyday living and there are several ways that you can benefit from going on a glamping trip with your family.


What is “glamping,” you may ask? Glamping is where the breathtaking outdoors meets modern luxury. Also called glamorous camping, glamping is elevating experiential travel, while maintaining authentic connections with nature. It’s a great middle ground between the luxury amenities of a resort with the experience of outdoor camping.


The best family vacations in Orange County allow you to bond with your family members. Glamping helps you bond with your family in many ways and tends to bring everyone together during the experience. Everyone will have to work together to make the most of the camping experience and you will also be able to interact with your family members all weekend long. A recent survey by Kampgrounds of America, 96 percent of teens say they enjoy time spent on vacations with family and friends.

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Fresh Air

You will be able to breathe fresh air by being in the great outdoors and enjoying a relaxing time, especially on the beach. Studies have shown that breathing fresh air can lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system. That is why you and your family members will feel refreshed after a camping trip and ready to tackle everyday activities.


Most people today spend most of their day in front of electronics or their computer. You will have the opportunity to unplug from the rat race of everyday life if you go glamping. There are many ways that you and your family members can unplug. For example, everyone can go kayaking, fishing, or just relax on the beach.


Activities like rock climbing and hiking through Crystal Cove State Park will allow you to get some exercise in. This is another reason that people feel refreshed after a glamping trip. Many people have a tendency to gain weight when they are on vacation. However, you will likely be able to maintain your weight, if not lowering it, if you go camping because of how active you will be!

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No Stress

Even though many people go on vacation to alleviate their stress, many find that they are stressed while on vacation. People often say that they need a vacation from their vacation. However, glamping will help you eliminate your stress and offer you one of the best experiences available.

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