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A Leader
in Sustainable Hospitality

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort is proud to be a leader in the Sustainability in Hospitality Movement to implement initiatives for a more sustainable resort and world.

Sustainable Initiatives

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Clean Beaches

Did you know that each time you light up the BBQ, you’re exposing yourself to cancer? Toxic chemicals from the smoke will seep into your skin. Additionally, other chemicals are toxic to the environment and wildlife. Please help protect our beaches and wildlife!

  • BBQs, grills, and glass containers of any kind are strictly prohibited on the beach, sand, or grass. Violators will be subject to $500 fines and citations, according to NBMC Section 11.08.060.
  • Our resort has also partnered with the City of Newport Beach to offer a single-stream recycling system, in which wastes disposed of in our property-wide trash bins will be sorted at a material recovery facility.
digital initiative

Digital & Recycling

We live in a digital information era, where every single piece of information can be accessed at the touch of your finger, literally. Everything you need to know is located on our website at, giving you the option to search your needs, zoom in and out, and even screenshot or bookmark pages.

  • The resort is reducing its usage of paper and opting for digital media, encouraging guests to receive emails rather than mail. Additionally, all resort welcome packets, including resort policies and rules will be accessed on the website.
  • Resort signage will be constructed using recycled materials and old signage.

Organic & Sustainable

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort is as committed to promoting human and animal welfare as we are committed to memorable guest experiences.

  • The resort has implemented mandates for the usage of non-toxic, recyclable, or biodegradable products throughout the resort.
  • Our waterfront dining options will also serve menu items, sourced from organic ingredients, and ethically-raised meats. We have strict standards to ensure everything on your table leaves the lowest carbon footprint possible and 100% free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals, and hormones. 
recycle initiative

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regrow

Waste is anything that we get rid of or throw away. While some items cannot be used again, many are tossed before their expiration. Others are unnecessary – such as petroleum-based plastic bags, which choke the environment and kill wildlife, even though we now have access to much better alternatives.

  • REDUCE the amount of waste and disposable items used.
  • REUSE old containers, commodities, paper, and rechargeable batteries.
  • RECYCLE multi-use materials and buy eco-friendly items, such as biodegradable cups.
  • REGROW plants and fruit trees. Plants are what keeps the pollution in check; help regrow our natural air filters.
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