Cool Down with Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Today marks the one year anniversary since our partnership with Cafe Virtuoso to provide the highest quality certified organic coffee, ethically sourced and scientifically roasted. We initially started by offering our guests four different coffee blends at our beachside lounge, the Marketplace, and our waterfront restaurant. Now in addition to the four coffee blends, Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort is proud to offer Cafe Virtuoso Signature Organic Nitro Cold Brew at the beachside lounge and the restaurant. Many of our guests have already sampled it already and they are obsessed with the refreshingly smooth coffee. With our resort beach reopened and the summer heat is arriving, Cafe Virtuoso’s organic cold brew coffee is unique and essential to beating the heat!

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort is committed to immersing guests in the local culture, from the ethically-sourced ingredients to local beach music, and since the partnership with San Diego-based Cafe Virtuoso, our resort has elevated guest experiences with an amazing beach beverage. With coffee being such an integral part of Californian traditions and pretty much everyone’s lives, both visitors and guests of the resort can savor this offering and experience.

Our Cafe Virtuoso Signature Organic Nitro Cold Brew is conveniently available to be served on tap, not only in our beachside lounge cafe but will also at our waterfront restaurant to enjoy with your meal. Stay updated when our cafe and restaurant are opened here.

The main reason why so many of our guests and visitors enjoy Cafe Virtuoso Signature Organic Nitro Cold Brew is that Cafe Virtuoso’s unique method of producing a full-bodied cold brew coffee, infused with nitrogen, creates to a masterpiece of very smooth and easy-to-drink coffee that has minimal acidity and tends to have chocolaty, malty, and caramelly flavor characteristics.

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort Organic Coffee Cafe Virtuoso

Newport Dunes visitors & guests have the pleasure of enjoying our original four signature blends created exclusively for Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. The new coffee, roasted at their coffee shop and facility in San Diego, California, features specialty grade of coffee berries from Peru, India, and Brazil. Best served black, each blend has its own signature fragrance and taste:

  • Guatemala: A well-balanced coffee with stone fruit and dark chocolate.
  • Spinnaker Blend: Sweet lemon acidity with hints of chocolate and bell pepper for a clean finish.
  • Portofino Roast: A blend of robust and smooth roasted walnut, cocoa with a subtle smoky finish.
  • Italian Roast: Vibrant, bold coffee with hints of caramel and bittersweet chocolate and a smooth buttery finish.

Cafe Virtuoso‘s mission is to provide the highest rated certified organic coffee. Located in Barrio Logan, San Diego, the coffee house sits right next to its roasting and wholesale facility. Cafe Virtuoso is San Diego’s only 100% certified organic specialty coffee roaster and was founded in 2008 by Laurie Britton. Its coffee house offers a wide selection of coffee blends and flavored coffee, along with taps pouring its signature cold brew and cold brew on nitro, plus San Luis Obispo’s Whalebird Kombucha. The new setup also includes a built-in pour over “filter bar” for brewing full Chemex and Kalita pots of freshly roasted coffee.

With pitfalls at every turn in the path, great coffee requires a meticulous and mindful guardian. The Cafe Virtuoso is tasked with the dubious honor of orchestrating an untarnished journey from bean selection and roasting, to equipment and training. The team thrives on this challenge and detest complacency!

Cafe Virtuoso has submitted many of its coffees to be reviewed by the independent Coffee Review organization (Coffee Review). All of the coffees tested have scored 90 or better. The company maintains the highest standards for coffee preparation and provide training to our wholesale partners so they can serve the absolute best-tasting coffee. These standards are based on those established by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Cafe Virtuoso is very proud to continue to be recognized for its product and service to the local San Diego community and surrounding areas.

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