Stay Safe & Wash the Hate!

With the coronavirus pandemic now declared a national emergency in the United States, uncertainty and fear are breeding acts of discrimination and violence against individuals of Asian descent. The FBI warned law enforcement across the nation citing an increase in hate crimes, stereotyping, harassment and bullying toward children, adults and families perceived to be of Asian descent. These acts also have been documented in communities across the country and throughout the world. To help combat the rising tide of hatred rooted out of fear, Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina is joining the national #WashTheHate campaign with the Tran Family Dynasty to stay safe and wash the hate against Asian Americans and all ethnicities.

To combat this rising tide of hatred, actors, creators, leaders and influencers teamed up with IW Group, an Asian American communications agency, to launch the Wash The Hate campaign. The social media campaign is designed to raise awareness about anti-Asian bigotry amid the COVID-19 pandemic. At Newport Dunes, there is no time for hate. We proudly stand with Asian American leaders and our guests, employees and community members of Asian descent against xenophobia in all of its forms.

We’d like to kindly remind everyone that we are all in this viral health and economic crisis together. Coronavirus (COVID-19) does not discriminate based on ethnicity or race. While it is our responsibility to practice social distancing and proper sanitation efforts to protect ourselves and those most susceptible to the coronavirus healthy, it is also our responsibility as humans to “wash the hate” from our community.

The 2019 novel coronavirus started in Wuhan, China. That’s just geography. Having Chinese ancestry, or any other ancestry, does not make a person more vulnerable to this illness. In fact, as of April 11, 2020, CDPH reports Asian Americans made up only 13% of California coronavirus cases.

california covid-19 cases based on race

People wear masks for a variety of reasons, including to avoid pollen and air pollution and for cultural and social reasons. We should not judge someone for wearing a mask or assume they are sick. In fact, cities across California are mandating wearing masks when going outside during this crisis.

Avoid spreading misinformation. Stay informed through reputable, trusted sources:

Politely correct the false information, and remind the speaker: prejudiced language and actions make us all less safe. If a serious harassment occurs, consider reporting it. Discrimination, violence and hate crimes based on sex, race, ethnicity or age is illegal.

In schools and workplaces, create learning opportunities for students and staff that dispel racist and misinformed ideas. Listen to, acknowledge and, with permission, share the stories of people experiencing stigma, along with a message that bigotry is not acceptable in your community.

Racist attacks on Asian-Americans have surged to about 100 per day, according to Democratic Rep. Judy Chu of California, leader of the caucus, who said on MSNBC last week that some victims were “assaulted just for wearing a face mask.” Below is a partial list of recently reported incidents of coronavirus-related discrimination and violence against Asian Americans:

“We’re hoping this campaign sends a message of solidarity and compassion to the world,” said Tzi Ma. “Hatred and division aren’t going to prevent this virus from spreading and will only make an already-difficult situation even worse. We’re calling for everyone — regardless of their race or country of origin — to recognize that we’re all in this fight together.”

“There are serious concerns in the Asian American community about scapegoating and becoming the targets of misplaced fear and anger,” said Celia Au. “The mission of this campaign is to get our stories out there and build a constructive dialogue with the public. We can’t be silent.”

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina is proud to support #WashTheHate as part of our resort’s ongoing efforts to dispel myths surrounding COVID-19 and the Asian American community. In these unprecedented times, we need everyone to stand united against xenophobia and misinformation. In order to beat through this crisis, we need to stay united as one nation.

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