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Kick off the holiday season with the 28th Annual Lighting of the Bay celebration. Join Santa for a day of festivities and visit the Tree Lot to purchase top-of-the-line Christmas trees.

Our trees come from Salem Oregon and are hand picked by our (15 years experienced) distributor who gets first dibs from two farmers. Since our distributor gets first dibs, our trees are some of the best looking and healthiest you will find in any tree lot in California. During the duration of our lot, we will have 5-6 deliveries.  Each delivery of trees is loaded into a truck within hours of being harvested. The trees are then delivered within 16 hours of being cut. Upon arrival to our tree lot, our trees are given a second cut and immediately placed in stands with fresh water.

Christmas Tree Lot Opening date is November 23.

Hours of operation are 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Our last day will be December 23, unless we sell out sooner.

Aside from Christmas trees, we will also have fresh wreaths, garland, and poinsettias delivered weekly. Christmas accessories such as the following will also be available for sale: Ornaments, hats, mistletoe, cards, lights, etc.