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We are sorry but this event is sold out.  We will only be able to accommodate ticket holders to enter the park as we have reached capacity; however, we will be broadcasting the event on Instagram so follow @NewportDunes for the premiere of the festival. Join our list of Newport Dunes Insiders and be the first to be notified when the next Lantern Festival happens here!


Ticket holders will be able to experience the beauty as thousands of lights illuminate the water of our iconic Back Bay at the 1000 Lights Water Lantern Festival, on March 30, 2019 at 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Ticket Passes:

SOLD OUT – Sorry – NO ENTRY is available for people without tickets to view the event.

About the Festival

1000 Lights Water Lantern Festival is the perfect setting where family and friends can come together and enjoy the beauty of thousands of twinkling lanterns lighting up the night and the water. You will enjoy good food, fun games, lively entertainment and leave with a new appreciation for those you care about most. Come and connect with others and bring more love and hope into your life. Stemming from eastern traditions, the 1000 Lights Water Lantern Festival is a place of gathering for friends, families, and communities to share their hopes and dreams. Thousands come in remembrance of loved ones and in hope of new beginnings.

How are the lanterns cleaned up after the event?

We care about the beauty of our waterways! We promise to leave no trace of our event and to beautify and restore the waterfronts that we bring this amazing event to. 1000 Lights Lantern Festival is committed to recovering ALL lanterns that are launched into the water. Every venue is carefully selected in order to ensure no wildlife or water sources are damaged from this event. Using custom crafted buoy lines and retrieval nets, we manage to clean up 99 percent of all the lanterns. A part of your admission fee goes to helping us use the right tools and hiring enough hands to help retrieve lanterns. That way you get all the fun with none of the responsibility! Once lanterns are gathered, our staff commits to reusing whatever materials possible to help eliminate waste at future events. If you have any comments or questions regarding this process (we also love suggestions) then please email us at support@1000lightsfestival.com!

Is this safe for the environment?

Yes! 1000 Lights Lantern Festival’s lanterns are 100 percent biodegradable. We use bamboo bases to float our rice paper lanterns. Outside lanterns are not allowed to help ensure products harmful to our environment not are placed into water sources.