How to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits While Enjoying a Luxury Vacation

A resort vacation is a time to relax, unwind and explore new things. However, those “relaxing” resort vacations can become stressful fast. Trying new things is often at the expense of a healthy diet. So, what can you do if you want to keep eating healthy without depriving yourself of the amenities offered by a waterfront beach resort?

Here are some tips:

Skip the Mini-Bar

Resort snacks are tasty, but they can hurt your healthy eating habits. If you can, limit your trips to the mini-bar. Ask the resort to stock your cottage with fresh fruits and vegetables. However, a fast snack from the mini-bar probably will not put a big dent in your healthy eating regimen.

Eat Breakfast

A waterfront beach resort in Orange County will have a plethora of healthy breakfast options. You can expect an abundance of fresh fruit choices, foods packed with protein, whole grains, and berries that are rich in anti-oxidants. You do not have to order an omelet with all the works. Instead, ask the chef to make you an egg-white omelet with wheat toast and blueberry jam.

Indulge Carefully

You should indulge strategically. You are trying to relax and unwind, so it is okay to eat dessert. However, do not eat your chocolate fudge sundae in two bites. Fitness experts recommend you savor each bite and eat slowly. If you are ready to wash it down with a nice adult beverage, stick with simple cocktails without a lot of added sugar. A glass or two of chardonnay or a low-carb lager are smart and simple choices.

Remember you are on a luxury vacation, so it is okay to enjoy new and exotic foods. If you are at a waterfront beach resort in Orange County, there is certainly no shortage of fresh seafood options. You do not have to sacrifice healthy eating to enjoy your stay.

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