Important Things to Remember to Pull Off the Perfect Beach Wedding

Getting married on the beach is a great way to create vivid memories and beautiful photographs that last a lifetime. To pull off the perfect beach wedding in Orange County though, it’s important to keep a few elements in mind to help properly utilize your beachfront locale.

To make your day unforgettable in all the best ways, here are a few things to remember as you finalize all the details.

Expect the Unexpected

Unlike a controlled indoor environment, when you’re on the beach, you get what you get. Whether you end up with bright sunshine, cool clouds, or even an unexpected rain shower, it’s important to have a plan to compensate for these external variables.

Your wedding photographer should be adept at shooting in a variety of lighting conditions to ensure the perfect photographs, no matter what. In addition, it’s a good idea to have a backup venue in case a sudden storm decides to make itself an unwelcome guest at your ceremony.

Consider Privacy

At most wedding locales, the guests you invite are the only people you need to plan for in advance. However, when you’re planning for a beach wedding in Orange County, it’s important to remember that your wedding venue belongs to the public. Though most beachgoers will do their best to be respectful during the ceremony, you may still have the occasional stranger wandering through the background of your photos. Don’t worry, that’ll never happen here at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort.

If you want total privacy on the beach, you’ll want to reserve a private beachfront location, such as Back Bay Bistro’s waterfront venue or Newport Dunes’ beachfront pavilions, to ensure your piece of paradise is all your own.

Provide for Your Guests

It’s likely that most of your wedding guests will have never been to a beach wedding. In fact, some of your guests may have never been to the beach, period (disclaimer: the previous statements do not apply to California residents). With this in mind, it’s important to provide basic materials that your guests will need to truly enjoy the ceremony.

Items like brushes and brooms to remove sand from their feet, sunglasses for those sunny days, and cool drinks to ensure no one becomes dehydrated are all nice touches to offer your friends and family.

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