Top Tips & Tricks on Taking Your RV to a Music Festival

Coachella may have ended, but Music Fest Season has just begun! Great music and fantastic fun are the two essentials to make a great music festival. There’s just something about music festivals that bring everyone together to celebrate the release of MUSICMusic Unleashes Self-expression, Independence, and Creativity. Stagecoach 2019 is coming this weekend, April 26-29 and many attendees are considering camping. Imagine your Airstream trailer retrofitted to be your mobile home with your friends. Attend festivities during the day and come back for an after party or restful night in the convenience of your RV.

You may be wondering what RV camping at a music festival is like and how to properly plan your festival camping experience? Fortunately, we have the top tips and tricks on getting your RV music festival-ready.

Planning Your Music Festival Camping Adventure

Taking your Airstream or RV trailer to a music festival is much like RVing to any destination, it’s all about proper planning. Your first step is to research to see if the festival hosts RVs, or at the very least have RV resorts and parks nearby. Most major music festivals have their own RV campground, but smaller festivals often allow for tent camping only. Before you decide to take your RV to your music festival, make sure you can get your trailer in.

Once you have established where you’re parking your RV and check out the amenities your chosen RV park offers, start prepping on what to bring. This may include bags of Hot Cheetos and bottles of Jameson. However, the convenience of taking your RV is you have plenty more storage space for all of your essentials and more. Plan everything in advance, so that you’ll be ready. Plan for snacks and drinks, plan on where everybody is going to sleep in the RV. But the most important thing to remember is to take care of your body. Bring crates of bottled water and bags of sunscreen, because you will use them — especially if you’re planning on drinking alcohol.

Food is also a crucial component at a music festival. While there will be plenty of food trucks and vendors at these festivals to satisfy your hunger, but will they hurt your wallet before you become full? It is always a smart idea to stock up and bring your own food and high-energy snacks with you to the festival. Also, let’s not forget about bringing a microwave or camping stove. However, make sure to research the camping guidelines at your RV park for rules regarding prohibiting open flames.

Festival Essentials

Your festival survival kit doesn’t stop at the bare camping requirements. Picking the right outfit to wear to the music festival is important too. Southern California is all about looking stylish while being comfortable in the sun. After all, Coachella & Stagecoach is like Urban Outfitters: the Musical! It’s no wonder many festival attendees dress in denim shorts and breezy tops. They aren’t just stylish, they’re also comfortable and breezy. For guys, wearing linen shirts and shorts is the way to go. Don’t forget to keep your shoes on point too. It’s no time to make your toes shine, especially when you’re going to be dancing and walking around on your feet for hours. You can never go wrong with Adidas Ultraboost, not only are they great to look at, they’re like walking on marshmallows; more importantly, you’ll be able to survive the all-day lineup!

When it comes to music festivals, it’s better to over-prepare than under-prepare. The more planning, prepping and research you do, the more likely your trip will go off smoothly, minus any hangovers afterward. So try RV camping to a music festival and experience live music and good time’s right from the steps of your RV aka “The Party Bus” or whatever you name your trailer.

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