Parking Policies

Visitor Parking: Each resort accommodation comes with one complimentary vehicle pass. Guests may purchase additional full-day parking passes at the Registration Office. Time-stamped parking passes are given out at the gatehouse. Vehicle passes are not transferable between different cars or guests unless you bring your original pass into the office to get a new one. If you lose your pass, you will need to purchase a new pass.

  • 0-30 minutes                           FREE
  • 30 Minutes to 2 Hours          $10
  • 2 Hours to 5 Hours                $15
  • 5 Hours to 8 Hours                $20
  • 8 Hours to 24 Hours              $25
  • Lost Parking Pass $50

Parking rates for holidays, events, and the 4th of July can vary, but typically is $50 per car.