Put Newport Dunes Under the Tree!

Newport Dunes

Why not book your 2023 Newport Dunes trip now and make it a holiday gift? We’ll provide a “We’re Going to Newport Dunes” voucher you can put under the tree.

It's Easy as 1, 2, 3 . . .

  1. Book a Newport Dunes reservation for 2023. Book your reservation online or call our reservations team at (949) 729-3863
  2. Complete the quick form below once you’ve booked the reservation. 
  3. Newport Dunes will provide you with a fun voucher you can put under the tree as a gift. Fill in the To, From, and Dates of Trip.

The voucher has no monetary value. It is just a fun way to put Newport Dunes under your tree. All reservations are handled through the normal reservations process. If changes to the dates are needed at a later date, they will be handled just like any other reservation change or cancellation.

NDR Holiday Voucher 2022
Sample Voucher

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