Policies & Information

Resort Policies & Information

Please help us to ensure that your stay is safe and comfortable by complying with the following rules and regulations. As a guest of Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina and upon signing the registration cards, you and your guests automatically acknowledge receipt of and agree to abide by these rules and regulations.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Resort Rules & Policies

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina, a California general partnership, which owns and, through an affiliated management company, Terra Vista Management, Inc., a California corporation (collectively referred to as “Newport Dunes”, “Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort”, “Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina” or “we” or “us”), operates Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina in Newport Beach, California, and believes in protecting personal information and privacy. We take pride in the relationships we have been able to build with our customers and guests and have established Privacy Policies for their benefit and protection.

ADA COMPLIANCE: All buildings, restrooms, the beach promenade, and the on-site restaurant are wheelchair accessible. We have two wheelchair-accessible cottages.

BANQUET & CATERING FACILITIES: Banquet rooms for up to 150 guests and outdoor beach pavilions, beach and pool cabanas, and gazebo for up to 3,000 guests are available for group functions. We offer full food & beverage catering services and festive themes for any occasion. RV site catering service is available for groups. For more information and rates please call our Catering Office at (949) 729-3800.

BEACH: The beach is open to the public and Resort Guests from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM. No glass, alcohol, tents, pets, or motorized vehicles allowed on the beach. Please swim in designated swimming areas only. Barbeques, portable fire pits, and any type of cooking grill are prohibited on the beach. Motorized boats are not allowed in the bay.

BOATS: Register your boat with the Main Entrance Gate upon check-in (see posted rates at the entrance gate for fees). A designated storage area is located near the boat launch ramp. Boats and boat trailers are not allowed on RV sites. Once your boat is registered, use of the boat launch ramp is included for the duration of your stay in the RV resort.

BOAT LAUNCH AND WASH RACK: If you have a boat, bring it along! We have a seven-lane boat launch ramp located at the north end of our property, next to the on-site restaurant. A seven-lane coin-operated wash rack is adjacent to the launch area for RV and boat cleaning (please bring your own hose). A change machine is available for your convenience.

CARGO OR BOX TRAILERS: Any flatbed, storage, moving trailers, and boats are not permitted in the Resort. Guest must register their trailers with security when they arrive. A fee of $25 per parking space that your trailer occupies will be charged when you register. Trailer parking on the 4th of July is $50 per space your trailer occupies. Please call in advance to see if trailer parking is available during your reservation dates.

CHILDREN: Families are welcome. Parents or guardians are liable and responsible for the acts and conduct of their children. There is a 10:00 PM curfew for children under 18 years of age. Tree climbing is not permitted. Skateboards, bikes, and in-line skates are not permitted inside any building or pool area. Obey the 3 MPH speed limit on the beach promenade for bikes and in-line skates. Skateboards are not allowed on the beach promenade or sidewalks at any time. Children under the age of 18 years must wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

CONDUCT: Actions by any person of any nature which may be dangerous or may create a health and safety problem or disturb others are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, any unusual, disturbing, or excessive noise, intoxication, quarreling, threatening, fighting, immoral or illegal conduct, profanity, or rude, boisterous, objectionable, or abusive language or conduct. The use or display of any weapon, including, but not limited to, a bow and arrow, BB guns, knives, swords, batons, fireworks, explosives, mace, pepper spray, electric “tasers” and guns is expressly forbidden. Persons under the influence of alcohol or any other substance shall not be permitted in any common area or other areas of the Resort which is generally open to Resort Guests, RVers, and their guests.

The violation of any law or ordinance of the city, county, state, or federal government will not be tolerated. No acts or demeanor shall be permitted which would place the Park Management in violation of any law or ordinance.

The Resort Guest is responsible for the actions and conduct of all other occupants of Resort Guest’s Recreational Vehicle and for the actions and conduct of their guests and invitees. Such responsibility shall include, but not be limited to, financial responsibility for any breakage, destruction, or vandalism of the Resort’s recreational facilities and common areas.

COURTESY: Newport Dunes staff is proud to provide our Resort Guests with the best possible courteous and respectful service. Profanity or violence towards our staff will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

DRONES: Newport Dunes is in the direct flight path for John Wayne Airport. Personal drone use is prohibited at Newport Dunes and the air space above Newport Dunes property.

EVICTION FROM THE RESORT: Failure to pay in advance for occupancy or failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations currently in effect is grounds for eviction without refund and refusal of future admittance. Any variation from the above rules and regulations will result in the removal of RV or denial of guest return without a judicial hearing after the service of a 72-hour notice pursuant to Civil Code section 799.22.

EXTENDED STAY RATES: Extended Stay/Monthly rates are based on a 30-day stay for two persons and do not include fees for electricity. The maximum stay is 180 nights. Guests must move out of the park for at least 7 nights every 180 nights. Monthly rates are offered in our Deluxe and Standard sections only. Beachfront sites do not qualify for a monthly rate. Management approval is required for extended stays. Guests over the age of 18 must complete a criminal background check once a year. All monthly guests must fill out and sign a monthly agreement. Proof of registration and insurance are mandatory for monthly stays. Tent camping and cottages do not qualify for a monthly rate. Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Late fees of $75 per day are applied to start the 6th of the month.

GOLF CARTS: All golf carts must adhere to traffic rules and be registered with Security. They cannot be operated at night without headlights. Any and all Golf Carts must be QUIET, operated by a licensed driver, and have a proper identification tag affixed. Golf carts are prohibited on sidewalks and must adhere to all traffic laws. Gas-powered golf carts cannot be used after 10 PM.

MAIL: We will receive incoming mail at the Registration Office for registered Extended Stay Guests. Deliveries of furniture, tires, fresh produce/food, appliances, car parts, and large boxes will not be accepted. At no time can Newport Dunes serve as a guest’s permanent address. Please pick up your mail within 24 hours of delivery. Newport Dunes is not liable for lost mail or packages.

LAUNDRY FACILITIES: Credit/Debit Card-operated laundry machines are available for your use on the south side of the pool area. Open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Newport Dunes is not liable for lost or stolen laundry. Please remove your laundry from the washers and dryers as soon as you are done.

MARINA: Newport Dunes Marina, located at the northwest corner of our property, includes 450 single-loaded boat slips, first-class amenities, 24-hour security, clubhouse, pool, and spa. For daily, weekly, or monthly slip rates please call (949) 729-1100 for more information or stop by the Marina Office between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Dry storage for boats is available.

MARKETPLACE: Located next to the Registration Office and open seven days a week for your shopping convenience: grocery items, snacks, ice, RV supplies, household goods, sundries, clothing, gift items, and much more. Hours are posted at the store.

OCCUPANCY: The maximum occupancy is 6 adults per site and per cottage. Parties or large gatherings are not permitted at sites or in front of cottages. Taco Carts, Food Trucks, and any outside catering is prohibited. Please be courteous to your neighbors. Resort Guests are allowed to use Pergolas #1-5 for parties or gatherings. The maximum occupancy for beach pergolas is 20 people. Any party larger than 20 people, must rent a pavilion, or banquet room. For more information and rates please call our Sales and Catering Office at (949) 729-3800.

PAYMENT: All charges for your stay are due and payable in advance. Daily rates are based on persons (up to a maximum of 6 per site) additional persons are subject to additional charges. Any coupons, discounts, or other offers must be stated at the time a reservation is made and presented upon check-in.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, Money Orders, and most ATM/ Debit cards. Monthly rent must be paid with a credit card or money order only. (Sorry no cash transactions are available). There are no refunds for early departures.

PLEASE LOCK YOUR VALUABLES AND BICYCLES: Unattended bicycles should be locked at all times. Protect your valuables. Lock unattended camping equipment in your vehicle whenever possible. Newport Dunes Security will gladly assist in searching for lost/stolen items; however, the Resort is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. LOST AND FOUND is located in the Registration Office.

PHOTOGRAPHS, RECORDINGS, AND PUBLIC RIGHTS: You may appear in audio, visual, and/or audiovisual media recordings and images of Terra Vista Management/Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina and related promotional or documentary materials by Newport Dunes and Terra Vista Management. You agree to your appearance and the appearance of your children in such recordings, images, and materials, and you waive any publicity rights or other rights you may have in such recordings, images, and materials. You consent to the use of such recordings, images, and materials by promoters for any purpose without any compensation to you. Those uses may include without limitation transcription, modification, reproduction, public display, printing, uploading to websites, distribution, broadcast, and transmission in any form. You release promoters from any waive any claims related to the making and/or use of any such images, recordings, and materials.

POOL: The pool is open from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM. No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the spa without adult supervision. No pets, outside food or alcohol, glass, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, or running on the pool deck is allowed. Strollers and wheelchairs are allowed.

QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are Sunday – Thursday from 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM, and Friday – Saturday 11:00 PM – 8:00 AM. Please decrease TV volumes and amplified sound, and lower voices to a whisper to allow your neighbors a good night’s rest. Generators are not allowed. Please be courteous to other guests around you. Music language must be clean and radio-friendly. Inconsiderate guests will be asked to leave.

RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: All individuals (“Resort Guests” or “Guests”) and/or groups (“RV” or “RVers”) using the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort (“Resort”) and its adjunct recreational facilities, including the swimming pool and spa area(s), hereby assume all liability for injuries to persons or property during the use of the respective facilities and agree to hold Park Management and Owner free and harmless from all liability imposed by law for the injury of people or damage to property.

The Resort is not responsible for any supplies or equipment left on resort property or any other adjunct facilities after use has concluded and all participants have vacated the premises.

The Resort reserves the right of full access to all recreational facilities, pools, and spas in order to monitor users’ compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and laws. The Resort reserves the right to cancel any reservations without advance notice if the facility is needed by Resort Management for business purposes if repairs are required, or for any other reason.

Recreational facilities are provided for the exclusive use of Resort Guests, RVers, and their accompanied guests. Hours for the recreational facilities and additional rules and regulations governing the use of the recreational facilities are posted in and about the facilities and are incorporated into these Rules and Regulations by reference.

Recreational facilities and swimming pool rules may be changed or revised upon sixty (60) days’ notice to Resort Guest.
Resort Management shall not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal property left unattended at the Park’s recreational facilities.
RESTROOMS Four large tiled restrooms with hot showers are located along Bluff Drive in the RV resort. You will receive the code to the combination lock upon check-in. Two additional restrooms with outdoor cold-water showers are located along the beach promenade. Pets are prohibited from the restrooms.

SECURITY: officers are here to assist you. They patrol 24-hours a day by bicycle, electric cart, and on foot. Security may be reached by calling (949) 999-3151 or by contacting the gatehouse at the Main Entrance. Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles. Keep your valuables locked up. Please report any problems with your site to the Registration Office or Security immediately. Newport Dunes adheres to and maintains all state, county, and local laws on our property. The legal age for alcohol consumption is 21 years. Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, clubhouse, or pool unless sold at a function catered and supervised by Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina.

SITE INSPECTIONS: Management conducts inspections of all sites. Awnings extended from RVs are permitted. Please note the following rules for outdoor areas on your site:

  • Outside water heaters, refrigerators, permanent furniture, messy children’s toys, indoor carpet, inflatable swimming pools, or “For Sale” signs are not allowed.
  • Fire laws prohibit the storage of any materials under or around RVs.
  • No tarps or clotheslines allowed.
  • No towels or other articles hanging on fences or RVs.
  • Unsafe, cluttered, or unsightly RV sites will not be tolerated.
  • EZ-UP style canopies and tents are not allowed on the grass in front of Beachfront RV Sites or cottages.
  • Rental tents, tables, chairs, or dance floors are prohibited without management approval.
  • Portable children’s pools or spas are prohibited.
  • Food Trucks, taco carts, Live bands, and professional DJ equipment are prohibited on the beach and in the RV park.

Dropping “camper shells” or “cab overhead campers” is prohibited. RV/Trailer must be well maintained with no rust. RVs older than 15 years must be approved by management. School bus or transit bus conversions, and Tiny Homes are not allowed. We work hard to maintain a beautiful environment for all to enjoy. Please help us keep it that way.

SITE LOCATION: Specific site and cottages numbers are not guaranteed. We will be happy to take your request for specific sites for an extra flat fee of $50 per reservation.

SOLICITATION POLICY: Solicitation is strictly prohibited at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina. The following activities are not allowed: the sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services for sale, the distribution of printed or recorded materials of any kind, engaging with other Guests, or impeding the operation while posing as employee, staff or authorized personnel. Unauthorized events and demonstrations or usage of flags and banners for commercial purposes to incite a crowd, photography, videotaping or recording of any kind for commercial purposes is not allowed.

TENTS: must be freestanding; stakes are strictly prohibited. Tarps may not be used as tents. Tent camping is allowed in the Small RV Sites only. Two-tent maximum per Small Site. One tent is allowed on any site type of RV site when accompanied by an RV or trailer. Tents are prohibited on the grass in front of the beachfront sites. The maximum length of stay for tent camping unaccompanied by an RV is 14 days in any 3-month period.

VEHICLES: Observe 5 MPH speed limit. Working on vehicles is prohibited. Washing vehicles is allowed only at the wash rack located near the boat launch ramp. Valid vehicle passes must be displayed at all times. Vehicles must be parked in a registered guest’s RV site or in a designated parking spot. Vehicles are not allowed to park in empty RV sites at any time. Additional vehicles must be registered at the Registration Office and are subject to additional charges. Vehicle passes are not transferable between different cars or guests unless you bring your original pass into the office to get a new one. If you lose your pass, you will need to purchase a new pass. One habitable RV, trailer, or camper per site is allowed. Newport Dunes does not allow RV, trailer, or vehicle storage in our parking lot. Due to fire codes and safety concerns, parking on the blacktop is not allowed. Streets in the Resort are designated fire lanes. No parking allowed between the two red fire lanes. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas, blocking sites, or park for more than 72 hours will be towed at the owner’s expense or charged the daily rate for the illegally occupied campsite.

  • OTHER VEHICLES: Only street-legal vehicles and golf carts are allowed for use on our property. Dirt bikes and go-peds, or similar vehicles are not allowed in the park. NO RHINOS, POLARIS RANGERS OR ANY SIMILAR ATV/UTV TYPE VEHICLES ALLOWED (licensed or unlicensed).
  • SLEEPING VEHICLES: Only one sleeping vehicle is allowed per campsite. Example: only 1 RV/Motorhome, Trailer, 5th Wheel, Tent Trailer, Truck Camper, or any vehicle designed by the factory for camping with beds and hookups. Newport Dunes requires the use of a sleeping vehicle or tent. You may not sleep in a passenger car, van, truck bed, or utility trailer.

WI-FI INTERNET: Please contact the Front Desk for the Wi-Fi password. Please read our terms and conditions on our website. www.newportdunes.com/guestwifi/ Our Wi-Fi is designed for basic browsing only. It will not work with smart TVs or streaming videos. Internet connection and speed are not guaranteed. Resort occupancy and obstacles such as trees, buildings, large RVs, and RV building materials could hamper internet connection and speed.

Management reserves all rights to amend, revise, and add to these rules and regulations at any time. Determinations made in enforcing or interpreting these rules and regulations are the sole discretion of management.

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Pet Policies

Newport Dunes is proud to be Orange County’s most affordable and dog-friendly resort. For our guests who choose to visit with their pets, kindly observe the following guidelines:

  • We welcome well-mannered, house-trained, disease-free dogs. Two pets allowed per accommodation. All pets must be licensed and vaccinations current. An affordable fee of $2 per day, $10 per week, or $30 a month will be charged per pet for all Resort Guests.
  • Pets must be leashed and under their owner’s control at all times in outdoor public areas on the property.
  • Pets are not permitted in pool areas, in cottages, on the beach, or indoor public areas at any time.
  • Pet owners are responsible for promptly picking up after their pets and bringing the appropriate materials to do so.
  • Should any pet display dangerous, aggressive, or unacceptable behavior (including but not limited to biting or excessive barking), Newport Dunes reserves the right for their immediate removal.
  • While we understand that not all dog breeds are aggressive and should be treated case-by-case, we are required by the city ordinance to restrict certain breeds. Breed restrictions came about in an effort to protect people from what some consider “dangerous” breeds with uncontrollable aggression– especially pit bulls, bull terriers, rottweilers, and mastiffs. In other words, if dangerous pets aren’t allowed in, there’s a lesser chance attacks or bites will happen. Newport Dunes Security has sole discretion when any determination is made. We apologize for the inconvenience and unfairness.
  • To ensure pets continue to be welcomed in our seaside city, please always pick up after them, keep them leashed, and be kind and considerate. We have waste bags for your convenience located along the promenade. We also offer an off-leash dog run located by Restroom #21.
  • While Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals are often used as part of a medical treatment plan as therapy animals, they are not considered service animals under the ADA and remain subject to the pet agreement and non-refundable fee.

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Parking Policies

Visitor Parking: Each resort accommodation comes with one complimentary vehicle pass. Guests may purchase additional full-day parking passes at the Registration Office. Time-stamped parking passes are given out at the gatehouse. Vehicle passes are not transferable between different cars or guests unless you bring your original pass into the office to get a new one. If you lose your pass, you will need to purchase a new pass.

  • 0-30 minutes                        FREE
  • 30 Minutes to 2 Hours           $10
  • 2 Hours to 5 Hours                $15
  • 5 Hours to 8 Hours                $20
  • 8 Hours to 24 Hours              $25
  • Lost Parking Pass                  $50

Parking rates for holidays, events, and the 4th of July can vary, but typically is $50 per car. Advanced/reserved parking for holidays may be more.

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BBQ & Grill Policies

Personal portable BBQs, fire pits, and grills of any kind are PROHIBITED on the beach or public grass areas by the City of Newport Beach. Violators may be subject to citations and fines up to $500.

Tailgating with these items on the property, concrete areas, and the parking lot is also PROHIBITED. Beach campfires are restricted to county public fire rings only and must only use clean wood. Portable BBQs, fire rings, and grills are allowed on campsite areas by registered RV guests only. Use fire rings at your own risk. You are responsible for any injury or property damage. Newport Dunes Resort assumes no liability for any accidents, injuries, or damages.

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