With the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve in the east and Balboa Island in the west, the Newport Back Bay is 10 acres of fresh salt water for swimmers and beachgoers to enjoy and frolic in the water. The Back Bay is Newport Beach’s hidden gem and where the Newport Dunes Water Park is located during the summer months. A recent ecosystem restoration project was completed around the Newport Back Bay to clean up tons of sediments and promote tidal circulation, while limiting predator access to sensitive areas, creating a safe habitat for marine life.  The Back Bay at Newport Dunes flows directly into the Newport Beach Harbor, which meets up with the Pacific Ocean.

Breathtaking Bay Views

Surrounded by 100 acres of beach on three sides, this aquatic peninsula is like a natural arena for visitors, hikers, guests, and locals to view the wonders that lie in the waveless lagoon. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, you might consider taking a tour of the Back Bay via kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Explore from above the marine life that lives below; you may even capture a glimpse of the friendly Bottlenose Dolphins and California Sea Lions that frequently visit the bay.

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