Terra Vista Management is one of the most respected real estate management companies in the country, operating a diverse portfolio of RV resorts, marinas, and residential communities throughout California, including Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina. Our mission is cultivating treasured experiences that enrich the lives of our guests, team members, partners, and the  communities we serve.

We succeed only through honesty, ethical actions and positively impacting our communities and the environment.

We see the world through the eyes of guests and coworkers and provide them with the best possible experience.

We put the needs of our guests, communities, investors and fellow team members ahead of our own.

We Offer Amazing Perks

Our commitment to enriching the lives of our team members is the fuel of our company’s drive. With roles suitable for graduates and experienced professionals, we’re sure you’ll find a position that aligns with your career goals. Our company trains and invests in each employee’s future. Let’s create yours!




“A great company, a world-class property, and wonderful people. These special attributes excite me each day I come to work at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina. Here at the Dunes, no one feels stuck behind a desk. Working here gives every team member the opportunity to get out into the open air and enjoy one of SoCal’s most breathtaking settings. Fun-filled concerts, movies on the beach and other events are happening all the time and all around you. My company, Terra Vista Management, has been operating Newport Dunes since 2003. Our mission is to cultivate harmonious communities and treasured experiences that enrich the lives of our customers, investors and team members. Our company trains and invests in each employee’s future. We offer a generous benefits package, including health and dental insurance, paid vacations, sick leave and more. I hope you will consider joining our incredible group of hospitality professionals here at Newport Dunes. Like so many of our team members, you may find this place offers much more than a typical job opportunity. The Dunes is a place you can build a career full of passion, excitement and limitless potential.”